A role model inspires others, motivates them to do their best, and achieves the goals set by the company. They have the power to attract and retain talented people who help them meet their goals. One of the most important aspects of a role model is staying true to their morals and values. Here are five ways how to become a role model manager.

1. Exhibit Integrity

A role model demonstrates integrity in their daily activities. They make promises and keep them. They do not deceive people and do not use people for personal gain. They do justice to everybody regardless of race, gender, ethnic, or social background.

2. Lead by Example

Role models lead by example. They do not expect others to follow them if they are unwilling to follow themselves. They set priorities and goals and work hard towards achieving them. They promote the values they stand for and do not get involved in arguments. They set examples and manage to motivate others by their example.

3. Believe in Ethical Principles

Role model managers believe in ethical principles. They understand that being ethical is not just being a good person but also entails thinking of others before oneself. It also involves looking at yourself without any prejudice or illusion. It involves being true to their word and principles. It also involves making hard choices.

4. Give Ears to Their Employees

Good leaders are good listeners too. They listen carefully and consider the input of others before arriving at a decision. They do not jump to conclusions and come to decisions independently but rather work with the team members. They do not discriminate and give equal importance to all. They give their employees a voice so that they feel heard.

5. Provide Support

Role models are not dictators but leaders who support the employees. They empower them with equipment, training, and resources. They recognize their good work and celebrate their achievements. They help them when they face problems instead of reprimanding them.

Role model managers are people everyone looks up to and wants to emulate. Good qualities such as being reliable, honest and trustworthy make a good leader. They do not let people down and make hard decisions. Good leaders think of the company, as well as their employees, customers, and stakeholders. They make every effort to lead their team towards success.