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Nikolas Onoufriadis

Professional Overview

About Nikolas Onoufriadis

Over the years, the name Nikolas Onoufriadis has become synonymous with international business success. To call Nikolas a global business player and jack of all trades would be an understatement. An avid business executive and entrepreneur, Nikolas Onoufriadis has conducted business in more than 10 countries over the past 15 years. Regarding linguistic achievements, Nikolas is fluent in his native Greek and English, and conversant in Spanish and German. Those who have been fortunate enough to work with Nikolas have benefitted from his mentorship, cross-cultural statesmanship, sensitivity training, and negotiation tactics. Nikolas continuously encourages young talent, having served as a mentor and judge for the MIT & BU Venture Accelerator programs. Last but not least, Nikolas served in the Greek military’s Armed Forces Armored Cavalry division and has co-authored several publications. 

Nikolas received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and graduated on the Dean’s Honor List. At the same time, Nikolas attended Harvard University, earning his Bachelor’s Degree concentrating on Psychology, also on the Dean’s Honor List. Upon graduation, Nikolas worked on the Kerry/Edwards Presidential Campaign as the Assistant to the campaign’s Strategic Advisor. In this role, Nikolas learned how to coordinate and motivate groups of people, while also honing his diplomacy skills.

Nikolas Onoufriadis

In graduate school, Nikolas Onoufriadis earned his Master’s in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from Suffolk University. Following his interest in politics and diplomacy, Nikolas maintained his honor list while also serving as the Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus at the school’s Country Ambassador Program. Nikolas continued his education by also receiving his second Master’s degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University, focusing on Strategic Communications in Public Management. While obtaining these credentials, Nikolas Onoufriadis simultaneously joined the Executive Education at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. While at the Kennedy School at Harvard, Nikolas was part of the university’s Middle East Initiative, serving as its Program Coordinator. As a result of his tremendous efforts during his time there, he was awarded the Certificate of Acknowledgment and Appreciation of Hard Work and Contribution

Professionally, Nikolas Onoufriadis has experience with industries outside the business and political landscapes as well. He worked as a Mental Health Counselor and Management Consultant at the Institute for Mental Health in Athens, Greece. In this role, Nikolas appeared on national television and radio shows discussing current socio-psychological issues, consulted with the Institute on ways to improve their standing in the Greek marketplace, and co-authored several publications.

Soon thereafter and while still in Greece, Nikolas Onoufriadis joined the renowned INTRACOM Group of Companies. Specifically, Nikolas became the Manager for International Business Development at the Group’s multinational software company, INTRASOFT International. As a senior manager, Nikolas spent several years creating strategies, identifying new leads, building strategic partnerships, and expanding INRTASOFT’s footprint throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, and Mexico. As part of that endeavor, in 2012 the Group entrusted Nikolas with founding INTRASOFT USA in Boston, where he has led the US operations to this day (INTRASOFT has now been acquired by conglomerate Netcompany).

In addition, Nikolas Onoufriadis also founded his very own management and business consulting firm, Power2U Consulting, offering professional services and strategic advice to both private and public organizations. As an international business strategist, Nikolas applies his more than 15 years of executive management experience and leadership skills to help companies expand their footprint, strengthen their market presence, run their operations efficiently, and build strategies around them. In that capacity, Nikolas Onoufriadis serves as a bridge between the United States and Greece for both private companies, as well as governments and their respective agencies across the Atlantic. Over the past years, Nikolas has acted as a liaison for Greek government officials’ visits to the US, has facilitated government and business meetings, participated in critical discussions and negotiations, and organized targeted events and fundraisers.

Nikolas Onoufriadis currently resides in Boston and stays active in philanthropy, charity and academic mentorship programs. When he has free time, Nikolas loves to explore and talk about watches and the watchmaking process, explore the city of Boston, try out new restaurants, taste various wines, and smoke an occasional cigar.

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